DVD - How to Build a Slipjoint 3 disc Chris Crawford 4hours 32 mins!

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How to Build a Slipjoint 3 disc Chris Crawford

Made in the USA

How to Build a Slip Joint by Chris Crawford

  • 3 disc set
  • 4 hours, 32 minutes run time

Here is what Chris Crawford has to say:
In October of 2001, I put together an online tutorial demonstrating how to build a slipjoint pocketknife. Since that time, many people have used the tutorial to build their first folder. One thing that contributed to the success of the tutorial was the fact that I had a basic knife shop with no special equipment such as milling machines or surface grinders.

Over the last few years, I've had numerous knifemakers tell me they would like to see a video on how I build my pocketknives. I decided that if I made a slipjoint video, I wanted to show the complete process from start to finish with plenty of detailed information and instructions. This is that video.

One of the frustrations that I had as a young folder maker was that almost all of the instructional books that I could find on the subject showed the maker using special equipment that I did not have. While I do have a milling machine and a surface grinder in my shop, and I do use them from time to time in the video, these pieces of equipment are in no way required to make an excellent knife. Whenever I use one of these, I always show one or two other ways to accomplish the same goal using basic tools that would be found in most knife shops.

This three DVD video set covers:   
   * Knife design and patterns   
   * Cutting out and grinding the parts   
   * Fitting up the blade and spring   
   * Grinding the blade   
   * Cutting the nail nick   
   * Heat treating the blade and spring   
   * Making the liners, bolsters, and scales   
   * Cleaning up the parts   
   * and Assembling the knife

(Running Time: 4 Hours 32 Minutes)

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